1 February 2014


Today we launch the new website of MLE. One of the most important parts of this site is the configurator that is part of the electronic catalog. MLE is like a tailor that makes custom suits. Using the configurator you can customize each product by choosing from the possible finishes, the different forms of shade and 70 tissues of the MLE selection.

When the product is configured, it can automatically generate a data sheet that summarizes all the characteristics of the product. The data-sheet is saved to a PDF file that can be attached to a project specification, or sent by e-mail.

The generated codes are unique and identify exactly the configured product . This allows to achieve a very precise specifications, difficult to misunderstand. It will then be easier for customers to get accurate quotes from MLE.

To configure the product you have to select your product first, using the search function or searching by scrolling through the images in the catalog sections. Clicking on the image you enter the technical information and alongside the image of the product, there are three tabs. The first, Codes, allows you to change the customizable features. Scroll your mouse over the images of the variants and see what you can change and what to choose. At best, you can select the metal finishes, the wood, the shape of the lampshades and fabrics.

Other important parts of the site relate to the gallery of completed projects and those of custom products.