7 July 2023


Today Hospitality designers, and in general every people, are looking for products SUSTAINABLE, RECYCLABLE and ENERGY EFFICIENT and WALDORF has all these characteristcs.

MATERIALS: we used brass and glass.


COMPACTNESS: Very thin cylinder of 5,5 cm diameter and 44 cm long. Small wall bracket.


LIGHT: led circuit is integrated in the body. At 350mA it emit 1300 lumens. The driver is external and we supply standard ON/OFF or DALI dimmable driver. If 1300 lumens are too much, the fitting can be supplied with other drivers with 250, 200 or 150 mA. Warm light (2700K°).


SAFETY: The glass is 3 mm. think and even if the product is in extra low voltage (class III) , it keeps all the characteristics of the IP44 protection degree.


FINISHES: all the MLE finishes are available for this product.


INSTALLATION: designed for installation on the side of the bathroom mirror, it can be installed also on the mirror surface or horizontally on the top of the mirror. 


VERSATILE: due to its design it can be installed also in public areas like F&B, on stairs, on corridors and in bedrooms.

Click here below for the spec sheet: