5 November 2018

MLE ABAC presentation

MLE is glad to introduce the new bedside lamp ABAC by Studio Jean Philippe Nuel in New York and in Paris. 

MLE exhibits for the first time in USA to confirm his presence in the hospitality specification market community. In Paris the new ABAC will be part of the concept of Jean Philippe Nuel Space at EquipeHotel.

ABAC is a wall lamp with round and soft lines that combines the functions of a reading lamp with a table lamp. The shell evokes the fluidity of lifting a veil which reveals light. This element turns around a central axis for an intuitive and sensorial use. The axis also helps to guide the reading lamp. An independent and fixed backlight draws a halo of light along the periphery of the lamp which seems to take off from the wall to offer a misty aura.

BDNY 11-12 Nov  Booth# 1977

EquipeHotel Studio Rooms Pav. 7.1 - Pav. 2.1 D031