2 February 2018


Meridiana: reinventing the simplicity.

The shape of the old outdoor lantern is reproposed with essential shapes that outline the space without occupying it. The lack of the typical visible light bulb arouses a certain amazement, enhancing its transparency. Meridiana with its transparency was born for the corridors, perhaps decorated with a beautiful wallpaper visible through the fitting.

Meridiana exists in two sizes and powers with an LED source sized to illuminate hotel corridors with a 3.5 meter step. The largest size can be used in public areas and in larger spaces. The electronics are contained in the base.

To soften the light effect, you can add a frosted glass to the front part of the fitting. This diffuser helps to direct a part of the light in all directions.

Meridiana has been designed by the architect Filippo Burresi who also made the renders in the presentation video.