16 February 2016

Filo muro

New lighting mirrors for essential design.

To meet the needs of interior designers, we have developed this new concept of lighting mirror already experienced in some important projects. The main features of these mirrors are:

- the reduced thickness conjugated optimum visual comfort,

- the absence of finishing frames at sight,

- easy installation and maintenance,

- the uniform illumination of the satin areas,

- the protection from water and humidity.

To install the flush mirror is sufficient to prepare a space the size of the mirror with depth 26mm. The mirror is supported by an appropriate number of magnets and is moved with the suction cups. The power supply is remote and can be housed in a wall box, in a cabinet or in the false ceiling up to a maximum distance of 5 meters. Also on these mirrors you can install the anti-mist system.

This technology is available already on some models but can be applied to all of them and also ‘custom made’.