20 April 2015

The Leather Experience

The first companies of the Tuscan district of leather were born in the second half of 1800. One of the pioneers was Guccio Gucci who, in the Twenties, decides to open a laboratory specialized in leather goods, luggage and saddlery, along with a shop in Florence. The operations remain purely on artisanal scale. All the stages of the production process are performed within the laboratories, providing a quality product. The craftsman works “on order”, designing and manufacturing customized products. The skills start to grow, especially in the treatment of particular materials, such as crocodile hides and lizard. Thanks to these roots Florence and Tuscany are now in first place in the world for the production of luxury and high quality leather goods. From this year MLE introduces this immense wealth of knowledge in its products, entering the skin as a new finish on historical products and creating new products to enhance their value.